Hello! I'm Anna Jeglova. photographer, desktop publisher, restorer, mom, chicago lover and introduction leader.

now, that's a lot! let me go through it blow-by-blow. most likely, you happened to be here because you bought something or someone you know bought something our creative collective (yeah, it's not just me!) has restored. if so, here is the latest from etsy:

being a photographer surely helps with all those product shots. here is a portfolio of my other work. my passion is taking pictures of people, weddings, furniture, ceramics and real estate.

now, onto desktop publishing. sounds confusing. yet, it isn't. imagine, you're starting your own company. you got the cool logo, fonts, colors, now what? I specialize in creating templates for presentations, word files and excel spreadsheets, — in other words, in making the branding usable for everyday functionality.

I also do restoration. here is my online store on Apartment Therapy. and you can see past projects as well.

you're welcome to our Instagram where we keep track of photography and restoration projects. just to give you a taste:

being mom and Chicago lover is pretty self-explanatory. and I'm an introduction leader for Landmark Worldwide — in other words, I lead introductions to the Landmark Forum, a transformative education that brings about positive, permanent shifts in the quality of people's lives.

i'm always interested in getting new projects. get in touch, let's do some work together.